Christine Allison

At work in her UK studio Christine constantly explores new ways of bringing together her passion for drawing and exuberant use of paint.

‘For the last six years it has been the birds that have demanded my creative attention, I love them; they make me cry. They still want to be in my paintings but other things are calling me too.

I’ve been observing and painting humans with their animals. Each has a unique and emotional bond. It is an energy that can be felt and which I try to capture on the canvas. I’m very excited by this new work.

At the same time non-figurative abstracts and semi-abstract figures are appearing. My love of nature and my new little garden studio have inspired a whole other new set of work. I am surrounded by plants and colours and patterns, which appear on my canvasses like intensely rich tapestries or textile designs.

I love both the realism of the portraits and the abstraction of the plant paintings. I trained at St. Martin’s School of Art in London and The New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture - both wonderful, creative places where I learned to draw and paint from the figure. That experience has never left me but now I also want to paint the metaphysical not just the physical; the energy of the bird or figure or colour even.

I want my paintings to be uplifting and curious. I would like viewers to react emotionally to my work, as I do.’

christine allison in her studio

Photograph by Anthea Simmons